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Renovation of the Zagreb Cathedral

Renovation of the Zagreb Cathedral

The Zagreb Cathedral initially suffered an earthquake on March 22, 2020, in the devastating Zagreb earthquake of magnitude 5.5 on the Richter scale when the stone top of the south tower collapsed, and it suffered additional damage in December of the same year, when it suffered damage from the Petrinja earthquake.

[GALLERY_353]During the Zagreb earthquake, part of the tower fell on the roof of the cathedral, which also damaged and broke through in several places, and most of the stone elements fell into the courtyard between the cathedral and the archbishop's palace. The interior of the cathedral was also significantly damaged. In the cathedral itself, there was a lot of plaster that had fallen, and there are also pieces of stone ribs.

The top of the north tower of the cathedral, 13.5 meters high and weighing 20 tons, was removed in April 2020 with a controlled explosion because it was so damaged in the earthquake that it threatened to collapse. Instead of the southern and northern towers, improvised crosses were placed, which will remain until the end of the renovation.

These days, the long-awaited renovation began.The first phase of the works is the installation of scaffolding, which has already been installed inside the cathedral itself, and must also be installed outside it, it is about 600 tons of steel.

The renovation will take a long time and this is a multi-year project.

By the end of June 2023, the first phase of the renovation of the Zagreb Cathedral should be completed. After the complete renovation, the Zagreb Cathedral should withstand the earthquake that occurred in March 2020 without any danger to users and believers in and around the cathedral.

Through our webcam, you can follow live stream of the renovation of the Zagreb Cathedral.

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