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Dubrovnik's Gruž – the coolest neighborhood in Europe

Dubrovnik's Gruž – the coolest neighborhood in Europe

The popular British newspaper The Telegraph published a list of the 16 'coolest' neighborhoods in Europe. Gruž neighborhood in Dubrovnik was found on that list as the only representative of Croatia, placing it alongside neighborhoods in Amsterdam, Berlin or London.

Gruž, or Žgra as the locals call it, is located just a few kilometers west of the walls of Dubrovnik, and the British Telegraph points out that Gruž is an excellent base station for going to the nearby islands. Local ferries to the Elaphite Islands, as well as catamarans to Mljet, Korčula and Hvar, travel from that quarter.

This port neighborhood of Dubrovnik has a market, which is cited as a plus, a port and a bus station. It is also home to TUP, a former factory that now hosts concerts, a recording studio, workshops and yoga classes, while the Museum of Red History which provides an insight into the Yugoslav way of life and design, is located in the adjacent premises.

The former working-class neighborhood of the southernmost Croatian city may be the coolest neighborhood in Europe, but today it suffers from numerous cruise ships and a lack of parking.

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