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Zagreb Marathon
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Zagreb Marathon

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The Zagreb Marathon started 31 years ago when less than 100 runners finished the first race, of which only 4 were women. The Zagreb Marathon is one of the largest sport events in the city of Zagreb and the largest racing event in the country and can proudly stand side by side with the world-famous New York, Boston or Berlin marathons. The Zagreb Marathon trail is one of the fastest marathon runs in the world.

The Zagreb Marathon is the bearer of World Athletics recognition, which makes it the only Croatian marathon on the list of recognized qualifying races for major competitions: Olympic Games, World and European Championships.

It is also a member of the world organization Abbot World Marathon Majors, which is why it is included in the list of qualifying marathons for participation in marathons in Boston, Chicago, New York, London, Berlin and Tokyo. From 2022, it also participates in the Air Quality project of the World Athletics Organization, which, by measuring air quality before and during the race, contributes to the creation of ecological maps of cities hosting major sports competitions, published on the World Athletics website.

31st Zagreb Marathon starts on October 8, when more than 5,000 runners are expected on Ban Josip Jelačić Square. All participants can run a marathon (42 km), half marathon (21 km), Garmin (10 km) and relay races where the team consists of 4 runners, each of whom runs 10 kilometers, while the sweetest race is the children's race in 5 categories on Sathurday. The whole weeknd will be the running weekend. 

The start and finish of races is located at Ban Jelačić Square. The 21-kilometer half-marathon course passes through the narrower and wider center of the city, and its finish is where it started, in the central square of Zagreb. Marathoners will run this circuit twice. Garmin 10 K also starts at Ban Josip Jelačić Square passes through the most attractive parts of Zagreb.

One of the most important things is of course the finisher's medal. This year, the medal shows the importance of Croatian National Theathre. An excellently designed medal, a real little work of art by Siniša Mareković.

On that day, the whole city lives for the marathon. If you're not running, be in the crowd and support the runners on their way to winning medals.


On that day, the whole city lives for the marathon. If you're not running, be in the crowd and support the runners on their way to winning medals. 







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