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Zagreb Marathon

  • 10.10.2021. - 10.10.2021.
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The Zagreb Marathon started 28 years ago when less than 100 runners finished the first race, of which only 4 were women. This year there are 6200 registered runners in 3 races, almost half of whom are women. Over 6,000 registered, of which 2,000 foreigners from 72 countries will run the 28th Zagreb marathon on Sunday 13 October.

The Zagreb Marathon is one of the largest sport events in the city of Zagreb and the largest racing event in the country and can proudly stand side by side with the world-famous New York, Boston or Berlin marathons. The Zagreb Marathon trail is one of the fastest marathon runs in the world.

As every year, the race track extends from west to east, from Črnomerc to Dubec. The marathon (42 km) and half marathon (21 km) routes are the same as every year, starting at Ban Josip Jelačić Square, Jurišićeva Street and Vlaška Street, Maksimir Road, Dubrava Avenue to the east turn in Dubec, and the same way back to the west turn at Ilica intersection with Selska street. Half marathon will run one lap and marathon two laps. The 10 km race will have a turn at the Dubrava tram turning. The start of both races is at 10am at Ban Jelačić Square.

Runners will run over 100 kilometers of Zagreb roads in 3 races, drink more than 20,000 bottles of water, eat more than 4,500 servings of beans and 3,000 kilograms of fruit, mostly bananas.

In addition to the sport segment, the presentation of Zagreb Marathon placed special emphasis on the humanitarian aspect of the event, as all participants donated symbolic funds for the rehabilitation of people with transplanted lungs.

This year's novelty is the Garmin Race (10km), which is being held for the first time instead of the 5km citizens race.

6000 runners on the streets of Zagreb is a great scene and even more attractive with a large crowd of cheering and having fun. Sport and music have always gone together and it will make the 28th Zagreb Marathon the most entertaining program. The whole weekend will bring a handful of great music with renowned DJs who will perform in unusual editions and entertainment and motivate runners at checkpoints (4) along the marathon route.

Preparation and warming starts the day before on Saturday with a rich program at Ban Josip Jelačić Square: opening celebration, children's races with a start of 10 hours, educational workshops for children and parents, a big šturkla party and lots of music.

If you do not run, come, support and cheer those who run! Because everything is easier with good fans!





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