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Zagreb Marathon

  • 10.10.2021. - 10.10.2021.
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The Zagreb Marathon started 30 years ago when less than 100 runners finished the first race, of which only 4 were women. The Zagreb Marathon is one of the largest sport events in the city of Zagreb and the largest racing event in the country and can proudly stand side by side with the world-famous New York, Boston or Berlin marathons. The Zagreb Marathon trail is one of the fastest marathon runs in the world.

The 29th Zagreb Marathon was supposed to be held in 2020. However, due to the pandemic, it was held in virtual form. This year, the 29th Zagreb Marathon is being held in its true, racing form and on a new track, but still with the start and finish on Ban Josip Jelačić Square. As of this year, the trail leads to some parts of the city that every citizen of Zagreb would recommend to their guests. Masarykova Street, Trg Republike Hrvatske (HNK), Zrinjevac and Britanski trg are just some of the beauties that the Zagreb Marathon offers to its guests. There are two important changes, the first that in the direction of the east you will not run Vlaška towards Maksimirska, but Martićeva, and the second refers to the fact that the turn will not be in Dubrava, but will run towards KB Dubrava and return with the university good back to Maksimirska and then straight to the goal that will be in the European Square.

Unfortunately, due to the still present epidemiological measures, the limit for the marathon (42.2 km) is 750 runners, and for the half marathon (21 km) 1500 and for the Garmin (10 km) race 1000 participants.

Runners will run over 100 kilometers of Zagreb roads in 3 races.

In addition to the sport segment, this year's Zagreb Marathon has a humanitarian note, where participants donate symbolic funds to raise awareness about a disease called myalgic encephalomyelitis and raise funds to fund European biomedical research on the disease.

If you do not run, come, support and cheer those who run! Because everything is easier with good fans!








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