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The Riviera Sv. Filip and Jakov is located in the center of the Zadar County coast, surrounded by historic towns, magnificent national parks and a charming park of nature.

Situated on the shore of the Pašman Channel, surrounded by the historical town Zadar and the royal town Biograd, is situated the picturesque place of Sv. Filip and Jakov. Affordable geographic position, beautifully clear sea and Mediterranean flora and fauna provided it with a large number of visitors.

Known for the former villas of Zadar's noblemen, of which the Borelli family is still known today. Thanks to the Borelli family, tourism in Sv. Filip and Jakov have historical roots since two parks and summer houses where the family hosted friends and acquaintances, the proponents of that era, are the predecessors of today's villas and tourist facilities. It is worth pointing out the following monuments of architecture: - Park Borelli as a monument to park architecture in the core of the resort - The remains of the Benedictine court on Rogova, built on three levels - House Borelli with Arboretum which is a protected natural heritage

Today, Sv. Filip and Jakov is a combination of magnificent Dalmatian nature; facing the sea that gives it its mysticism and beauty and it is kept in the hinterland of a rich country. It is a combination of cultural heritage and a modern way of life. Surrounded by a series of hidden and quiet coves, close to numerous islands and the beach located in the center of Sv. Filip nad Jakov can boast with a blue flag and with numerous activities on the beach.

Numerous events complete the offer of the Riviera of Sv. Filip and Jakov. Feel the smell of flowers at the Flower Festival, the speed of wind on regattas, the pleasant sounds of a cocktail song or get to know the Glagolitic at the Glagolitic Festival. For all lovers of interesting and recreational vacation, the riviera of Sv. Filip and Jakov provide numerous possibilities. Sailing, water polo, volleyball, tennis, biking and hiking are just part of the offer for those who prefer an active vacation.

Sv. Filip and Jakov has a rich gastronomic offer, in numerous restaurants you will enjoy in the family atmosphere and friendly hosts who will make your vacation even more beautiful and enjoyable.





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