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All adrenaline lovers, active vacationers, boaters and nature lovers, Pašman is a perfect destination for you. It is the small island of the big heart, the island you will fall in love at first sight and the island you will always return to.

Without any exaggeration, Pašman is truly an island that wins the hearts of many people. It has the title of the cleanest canal of the Adriatic with extremely rich flora and fauna. The sea depths of this island hide the remains of the sunken Roman city and the ships that have traded in the past in the Adriatic. For this reason, Pašman is a great attraction for many divers. We all know that the islands in Dalmatia are mostly in karst, but Pašman contrasts with this fact. It is declared as the greenest Dalmatian island rich in rosemary, sage, lavender, numerous healing and aromatic herbs and island olive trees.

For those who want action, sport and adrenaline, Pašman is an ideal destination. You can explore it by bicycle on the various trails that run through the olive trees, hidden coves, archeological remains, drywall ... All adrenaline lovers gather every March in "Škraping". It is an international race on island rocks. In addition, in the pre-season, there is the „Bajpas“ mountain-bike marathon, which besides top prizes, enables participants to discover the beautiful landscape of this island.

But Pašman is not only the island for adrenaline lovers. Numerous quiet and hidden beaches allow a quality and relaxing vacation for anyone who wants to enjoy the silence, the sound of waves, wind and the wonderful view of the numerous islets. In the heart of the Pašman Channel, there is a heart-shaped island - Galešnjak, which is the perfect destination and a choice of many romantics as a place for a wedding.

Apart from natural beauty, Pašman is also a treasury of culture, so you will have the opportunity to visit churches, chapels and monasteries that testify how island people are highly devoted to faith.

Lovers of natural and ecological products will also be delighted with Pašman. Natural cosmetics, healthy honey, fragrant soaps, jams, Dalmatian vinegar and top quality olive oils are produced here.

The tourist offer of Pašman is really rich and you can opt for various types of accommodation like the top apartments or auto camps and boarding houses. Restaurants and taverns on Pašman offer the most delicious seafood that is worth tasting. 

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