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Nerezine is located on the eastern coast of the island of Lošinj, at the foot of the Orošćica hills.

Nerezine was a tourist destination discovered in the last century thanks to the Austro-Hungarian throne Rudolf Habsburg. It is a place that gradually develops from the heyday and shepherd's core into a fishing and marine settlement with a shipyard known for its craftsmen and craftsmanship of wood. In the village there is a Franciscan church with a monastery and its belfry dominates the place.

Nerezine has several bays and huts from the beginning to the end of the linked walkway along the sea. The coast is exceptionally shallow, almost entirely pebbled so that everyone can look for their corner under the sun: Galboka, Diocese, Reddish, Osor. This small town has two tourist resorts, two camps, two new small family hotels, as well as a large number of private rooms and suites offering comfortable accommodation and excellent cuisine.

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