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The small island of the northern Adriatic is known as the island of shallow sandy bays, specific folk costumes and golden-yellow dust from which it was made. Since it is badly connected to the mainland and there is no organized accommodation, you probably won't see it in brochures of tourist agencies. But trust us, if you come only once, you will want to stay forever!

What makes Susak unique is complete peace and quiet. There is no cars and roads. Loud nightclubs are an unknown term in this place, so everyone looking for a good vacation will adore this island. Swim in the beautiful sea, feel the warmth of soft sand, walk along the Susak stairs, visit the lighthouse, enjoy the noise of wind and the scent of the sea.

If you want to swim or sunbath, choose one among the many bays of this island. If you decide to take a swim in the northeast side you will enjoy the view of Mali Lošinj, while the southwest side will provide you a view of Italy.

Although a quiet island, Susak is not boring place. Indeed, here you will be able to enjoy many outdoor activities: cycling, geocaching, swimming, diving, running - there are a lot of possibilities. Susak can boast of its rich gastronomic offer as well as quality restaurants and taverns with the most delicious indigenous delicacies.

Here you may not hear the music from the clubs, but there is Susak Musical Evenings that every summer enthuse many visitors, especially artists.

Among other things, every second year, Susak becomes the center of contemporary art. As part of the Susak Expo organization, many artists from all over the world use public space to fit into their artistic improvisation, so don't be surprised if you see the wheelbarrow on the wall of the house or the plastic figure sunbathing on the beach.

These are just some of the attractions of the unique Susak, and we warmly recommend you to visit this special place and discover all its charms!

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