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Big fertile fields, numerous water springs, an excellent geographical position, beautiful views and wonderful beaches are just some of the characteristics of the Unije island.

Among other things, it is the largest island around Lošinj, and what you will surely notice is an interesting fact that there is no cars. The only way of transport that you will be able to see are the tractors that are used for fields and transporting goods from ships.

There are numerous trails leading to the Unije Field, beautiful bays and stunning gazebos.

Despite the fact that there is no car, there is a small airport on this island so Unije and Lošinj are also connected by air. In addition, there are also landing some other smaller airplanes.

On the island there is a beautiful church of St. Andrija, who is also the patron of the Unije. Don't be surprised if you walk through the island and see animals such as goats, cows, pheasants and others because they are part of a Unije's everyday life.

Walk along the Maračol bay where it used to be a fish factory, and today it is the anchorage of numerous boaters from all over the world.

And thanks to the many trails and the impressive landscape, the Unije is recognized as an ideal location for all those who love hiking and cycling. Almost every trail is surrounded by beautiful olive groves, natural beauties that leave breathless as well as remains of the past.

So on the Hartina cape you will have oppurtunity to see the remains of bunkers from World War ll.

Some of the trails are macadam and they are more favored by cyclists while others are turned into walking trails for a pleasant walk. And of course, in addition to an active vacation, you will have the opportunity to indulge in the full enjoyment and swimming in the crystal clear sea.

The island boasts many beaches, including the main and the largest beach Žal. What will particularly fascinate all divers is the wonderful underwater world filled by colorful seaweed.

In the Unije, you can really make a dream holiday. Whether you prefer a holiday full of activities, a full-day laying on the beach and drinking a cocktail or if your favorite part is tasting traditional cuisine, the Unije island will definitely not disappoint you in any way.

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