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Punta Križa, Cres

Punta Križa, Cres

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Punta Križa is a village on the island of Cres, but also the name of the southernmost part of the island, where there are about 15 other hamlets.

It is a real national park of rich flora and fauna. Heading to Punta Križa means wandering into the green, here pine forests and maquis predominate, green meadows where you will see sheep grazing. Punta Križa is a favorite destination for hunters. In the forests of this area live many indigenous but also non-indigenous game. There are rabbits, pheasants and wild ducks, but also numerous allochthonous fallow deer and wild boar.

Nowhere like here you will find such an indented coast, composed of the bays and capes themselves with the pearly blue sea that mourns them. Punta Križa is a true oasis of peace and a landscape of perfect peace.

One of the attractions of Punta Križ are the secluded churches, which are located away from populated areas, and each of them has its own interesting story.

Here is the Kvarner Saharun - the most famous sandy beach in the bay Meli. Meli is a natural sandy beach.

In this area there are about 50 kilometers of landscaped promenades and bike paths, which connect most of the natural and cultural-historical sights of this area, and many beautiful bays and beaches that are best visited by bike.

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