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The unique, picturesque place of Tisno is located partly on land and partly on the island of Murter. These two sections are separated by a small bay only 38 meters wide and connected by a mechanical drawbridge.Incredible Dalmatian stone houses and narrow streets, wide squares and widespread Mediterranean vegetation, long waterfronts, restaurants with mostly traditional offer and contemporary events make Tisno a truly pleasant environment.The most famous beach in Tisno is the pebble beach Jazine, and behind the church of Svt. Andrija is also a rocky, forest-covered beach with a long, comfortable promenade.Tisno also boasts a long waterfront enriched with restaurants, such as cafes, taverns and restaurants.Crafts and trade have been greatly reduced, although locals continue to be involved in agriculture, tourism is a core activity of Tisno residents. It is a result of its excellent position, pleasant Mediterranean climate, crystal clear sea, pebbly and sandy beaches and close proximity to the National Parks of Kornati and Krka, as well as to larger towns on the coast.

If you are in Tisno, do not miss: dancing and fun at the Love International Festival, the well-known dance music festival at the Garden Resort in Tisno, this year Fuliranje at the Seaside - a four-day festival with great local performers and local visitors, the pilgrimage of the Feast of Our Lady of Karavai 26. May, Corinth Games, a fun and sporting event near the Tišnja drawbridge at the end of July.

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