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International Fair of Prosciutto inTinjan
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International Fair of Prosciutto inTinjan

  • 20.10.2018. - 21.10.2018.
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In 2006, the Municipality of Tinjan proclaimed itself the Municipality of Istrian Prosciutto, primarily thanks to the high quality products of Tinjan Prosciutto, there are 5 of them.

Since then, Tinjan is the host of the ISAP - International Prosciutto Fair that brings many visitors.

This traditional, significant event of central Istria is visited by more than 20,000 people in two days. Excellent attendance and good sales are certainly one of the reasons why the exhibitors' interest in the fair is increasing year by year, as well as the tent where the fair is held. This year, the 20th edition of the Prosciutto Fair in Tinjan will take place on October 20th and 21st. In addition to Croatian prosciutto, there are also people from Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Austria and Spain will arrive at the fair. Lovers of this top quality delicacies will be able to taste more than 30 kinds of prosciutto. Beside the exhibition space there is a restaurant and kitchens that will prepare and offer prosciutto based dishes. Sausages, salami and various other meat products, cheese and wine from local winemakers will be offered with prosciutto at the fair. Beside a rich gastronomic offer and a musical entertainment program you will also be able to enjoy and participate in various sports programs such as plowing, hiking or cycling. The aim of the event is not only to promote the prosciutto, but also the entire tourist offer of Tinjan Municipality in Istria, so the opening of the house prosciutto and prosciutto museum, where you can taste and buy other authentic Istrian specialties, such as cheese, wine, truffles and olive oil and this year's news is a gastro show.

This is not questionable, this weekend you have to arrive to Tinjan! Enjoy Tinian delicacies, go to the showroom, taste and choose your favorite delicacies and enjoy a sunny autumn and a great atmosphere!

Bellow you can download the programme:

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