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Tinjan - International prosciutto fair Tinjan 2, Tinjan, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 13.8366
  • Latitude 45.2176
  • Publicaton date 19. October 2018.


17o C 87% 1013 hPa

Outside the tent will also be offered a variety of products as well as an attractive Cooking show.

As it happens every year, a large number of sports activities will be held this year, too. The organizers also promise good entertainment in the evening.

On the stage you can see through our camera on Saturday, October 20th, Željko Bebek and Mauro Staraj will make a great party. On Sunday, October 21st, performers will be Petar Grašo, Sergio Pavat and Alfa time band.


Tinjan in central Istria. Tinjan has always been a small town on the border. From the Roman times, through the Middle Ages, it has always kept its borders with its fort. And yet, although at the border, Tinjan was not a regular fortress, it has been called the town since 1578.

Today, Tinjan is proud of his history and tradition, whether it is the symbols of this region - the stone walls and the puddles,hacking tools and equipment of rural households, the folklore and architectural heritage,legends or the finest gastronomic delicacies such as Istrian prosciutto.

The tradition of producing prosciutto today preserves several registered stores of making prosciutto in Tinjan and in 2006 Tinjan has declared as the municipality of Istrian prosciutto, each year the ISAP - International Prosciutto Fair is held, featuring various types of this delicious gastronomic delicacies.

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