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Pirovac is located in a deep bay that is a natural phenomenon, 12 kilometers inland and a Mediterranean setting where authentic scents of vegetation mix with the sea air, making the area a climatological paradise for visitors but also for those rehabilitating after illness, those seeking new energy and with a clean landscape enhances people's health. Pirovac is a lively place which nature has endowed placing it on the coast between the sea and the Lake Vrana. It is situated in a bay characterized by an unusual fact that the sea temperature within it is 4 degrees higher than the rest of the Adriatic Sea.

Pirovac is adorned with numerous natural beaches, sandy coves and a special attraction is the islet of Sustipanac, which the locals call the Mojster and "Island of Love", located just in front of Pirovac.

The southern part of the Pirovac Bay, Makirina, is a natural bath with medicinal peloid. By its composition, quality and quantity, this site of medicinal sludge exceeds all known localities in Croatia. There is also a hill above Pirovac with hidden magical overlooking not only to Pirovac, also to Betina, Murter, Vransko jezero.

Pirovac is adorned by numerous attractions which are the reflection of the past times when this area was a significant center of the knights templars.

This place will give you the possibility to explore the hidden beauties by yourselves.Walking through the beautiful nature, bike rides, sports and recreational activities, sailing, diving, visiting historical and cultural antiquities, tasting dalmatian specialties... there are numerous possibilities for pleasant holidays and enjoyment. And the summer season in Pirovac is filled with concerts, festivals, from which we can point out the film and ethno festival, as well as the traditional donkey race.


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