Day of the city of Novska
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Day of the city of Novska

  • 14.10.2022. - 18.10.2022.
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Ever since 1755, when the bells rang for the first time in the chapel of St. Luke, the people of Novska have been celebrating Lukovo every year on October 18, the feast of their heavenly patron and the Day of the City of Novska.

Folk costumes are pulled out of the chests, actors and musicians take to the streets, tables are filled with local traditional delicacies, guests from all over Croatia and Europe are invited, city fathers hang flags, ceremoniously decorated carriages clog the city streets. The sounds of the tambourine, the smell of hunting stew, fish and good drops, the streets of the city dressed in festive attire and decorated with autumn fruits and colors, as well as unique events that return citizens and visitors to the transition from the 19th to the 20th century await you on the city streets. Lukovo in Novska. This year, more than 120 Novljan women and men will present the past of their town. The city park is transformed into a mini old Novska, and the weekend program on October 15 and 16 will offer all visitors living pictures of the past.

 Exhibitions, concerts, sports and cultural events, ceremonial session, from the 14h to the 18th of October, various events will alternate. Everyone who finds themselves in Novska at that time is expected to host them with open arms and an open heart.


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