Spring Walk in Croatia: Wonderful Hiking and Walking Trails

Spring Walk in Croatia: Wonderful Hiking and Walking Trails

After a cold winter, mostly staying in the closed and warm rooms for a few months, it finally came time for all of us to start moving, go out into the green landscape and breathe fresh air. When we say "start moving" it does not necessarily mean running and other similar exhausting activities. It is enough to walk every day so you will do something positive for your health. For a pleasant walk in a beautiful ambience, we decided to highlight six beautiful places to walk and hike in Croatia for

Mljet hiking trail

If you want to enjoy the fabulous views of Pelješac, Biokovo, Lastovo and the magical sunsets, then the Mljet trail is created for you.

This 43 km long trail will surely win hearts of all mountain lovers! It starts from Pomena and ends in Sobra. Each part of the trail will provide you with unique and unforgettable panoramas.


One truly unique mountain lies in the northwest of Croatia and it is perfect for anyone who wants to experience something new and different. It is a wonderful Kalnik that has been known since 1878 as an ideal place for hiking thanks to several marked trails.

The hiking trail Sedam zuba (Seven Teeth) is only 500 meters long. It starts from the mountain home and ends on the top of Varnilac.

The next trail is the Kalnička greda (Kalnik beam), which is nine times longer than the previous trail, and also starts from the mountain home and leads to the river Kojšnica.

And the last, longest trail of 9 kilometers, goes to northern Kalnik and leads to the Varaždinske toplice (rehabilitation and spa resort).

Ravna Gora

Ravna Gora Trail is a great place to feel the perfect harmony of nature and diverse attractions.

This trail consists of twelve control points, and the most beautiful starting point is definitely the Trakošćan Castle from which the path runs towards the top of Ravna gora, and in only two hours of slowly, easy walk you will get there.

Istrian trails

Unlike mountain hiking trails, Istrian trails are not demanding. Indeed, it is even recommended for the elderly, as well as those who are in the process of rehabilitation to walk here because they are mostly located in forests and near the sea.

Istria has as many as eight marked hiking trails, and it is interesting that each of these trails has a name of some animal.

Np Plitvice Lakes

It's no news that Plitvice is more than a perfect destination for a walk in the beautiful landscape, so here are two decorated and marked hiking trails.

The first starts near the parking lot Hladovina, goes in the direction of Oštri Medveđak, to Turčić, towards to Tupi Medveđak and finally ends in Oštri Medveđak again.

The second trail is a bit shorter than the first one and starts at Turčić, going through the beautiful pine forests to the parking lot.

A promenade in the St. Anthony's Channel

Another place created for all ages which provides full enjoyment of walking is located in Šibenik.

It is a promenade in the St. Anthony's Channel, which will give you an impressive view of the entire city. The complete promenade is surrounded by oak and pine forests and various interesting attractions, such as the St. Anthony's cave with the underground chapel and the fortress of St. Nicholas.

And if you get to the main gazebo, you'll have the chance to experience a panorama you can see only on the postcards!

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