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Novigrad - Porporela, Novigrad, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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26o C 53% 1012 hPa

Sitting on one of the terraces on the west side of the Novigrad seafront will provide you relaxing and enjoying the view of the beautiful sea and the unique and wild Istrian west coast.

The view from our camera shows one such terrace while during summer there are opened seasonal bars along the entire parapet, so you can sip cocktails right to the sea.

In Porporela Street, there are several restaurants such as Admiral Max tavern, which stands out because of its specific marine interior and top quality fish specialties.

In the background you can see the bell tower of the parish church of St. Marija, St. Maksimilijan i St. Pelagije, which is illuminated at night.

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