10 of the most beautiful castles in Croatia

10 of the most beautiful castles in Croatia

The big walls, beautiful rooms and luxuriant gardens since ancient times serve as the main place of happenings in many fairy tales and the most beautiful stories of the world. The mystery which every castle hide cause a special emotion for visitors, admiration and interest in a unique story about the castle's history. In Croatia there are several hundred castles, mansions and fortifications, and many of these objects are converted into museums and open to visitors. Below you will find ten short

Trakošćan Castle

We will start our list of the most beautiful Croatian castles with Trakošćan, which is often called the most beautiful castle in Croatia. It was built in the 14th century, and the look it has retained until today, it got in 19th century when the famous family Drašković made a resident castle from it. Apart from the beautiful interior, the castle is also known for the beautiful artificial lake created also by Drašković family.

Pejačević Castle

In the heart of Našice there is the castle Pejačević, which with its beauty wins and steals the attention of almost all passers. And this castle also has a nice lake that gives it a special charm. Today the castle is open to visitors who can visit the museum, see the ethnographic collections and various sights of this area.

Veliki Tabor

If you want to see what life was looking like during the Renaissance, it is time to visit the Croatian Zagorje, Veliki Tabor actually! Beautiful, preserved and restored rooms will delight you with its beauty, as well as the stories and legends that are connected with this castle. One of the most famous legends tells the story of the wonderful Veronika Desinić who was stuck up in the wall of the knight's salon because of the forbidden love, and people say that they can still hear her scream.

Mailath Castle

In Donji Miholjac, there is a truly unique castle. It is about the Mailath Castle built in a little bit different, hunting style. There are numerous towers, decorated chimneys and large, spacious terraces. Its architecture is impressive, and every visitor is also fascinated by the beauty of the nearby historic park. Unfortunately, the interior is not open to visitors, but many people come to see Mailath just because of the unique exterior that wins all hearts!

Maruševec Castle

Maruševec Castle is one of the many gems of northern Croatia. It is surrounded by a beautiful park and large green lawns, and as such resembles to England castles. In this castle was filmed famous movie drama "Glembajevi".

Oršić Castle

The beautiful baroque castle located in Gornja Stubica in Hrvatsko zagorje is a Museum of peasant bun which happened in the 16th century. The castle was built in the 18th century at the site of a medieval fortification. It is a well-preserved castle, with a chapel and surrounded by a park with a large monument dedicated to Matija Gubec, the leader of the peasant bun.

Ozalj Castle

Above the river Kupa there is another special castle - Ozalj Castle. It is possible to enter the castle through a bridge that used to be a guardhouse. Many noble families lived here, including Zrinski and Frankopans. The castle is today a museum of architecture and art, so all the lovers of historical splendor will fall in love with this place.

Stara Sušica Castle

Near the Ravna Gora, surrounded by dense forests, there is one of the hidden gems of Gorski Kotar. Stara Sušica Castle was owned by the Frankopan family, and legend says that no one has ever succeed to get to this castle, even the Turks. Today it is a hostel, primarily for children, and its magical atmosphere of exterior is one of the most beautiful sights in these parts of Croatia.

Tvrdalj Castle

In Old Town on the island of Hvar, there is the former summer residence of the Croatian poet Petar Hektorović. It is a simple Renaissance mansion without all the ornaments that usually mark the buildings of that time. Inside the yard there is a pond with sea water, a terrace with arcades and a big tower. A castle is situated on the shore of the bay and it is surrounded by beautiful green gardens.

Dioš Castle

Dioš Castle is located 7 km north of Daruvar, in Slavonia, on the northeast of Croatia. It is one of the newest castles in Slavonia, built in 1904. It was built by the nobleman Tüköry - Alajoš and his wife Paula for their daughter Marija. Since 1995 the castle has again come into Croatian ownership.

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