The last phase of the construction of the Pelješac Bridge

The last phase of the construction of the Pelješac Bridge

The last ship from China with 320 meters (24 pieces) of steel spans for the Pelješac Bridge arrived in Croatia.

The consignment contains the last large segment to be installed on the Pelješac side of 56 meters and the last closing segment to be installed last between pillars 8 and 9.

The 1,800-meter route, which is busy with 680 workers, is now above Mali Ston Bay. 75% of the steel structure has already been installed, and the distances between the 12 pillars of the Pelješac Bridge are getting shorter.

Everything is ready for the south of Croatia to merge with the rest of the country, and judging by the accelerated pace, the works could be completed earlier than expected, so maybe at the beginning of August we have the entire Croatian territory connected.

In addition to functionality, the Pelješac Bridge is certainly a landmark that everyone will want to see and ride through. And the numerous advantages for the development of tourism, connecting Komarna with Pelješac and Korčula and connecting wine tours, expanding the offer for all guests and easier cooperation should not be mentioned.

Through our live stream webcam you can follow the progress of the construction of the Pelješac bridge.




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