Dance and song in Đakovo

Dance and song in Đakovo

The 21st anniversary of the historical and civic dances and the old Croatian songs in Đakovo

By the end of November, every year since 1998. in Đakovo is held a Festival of Historical and Civil Dances and Old Croatian Songs and this year for the 21st time on 24.11.2018.

The Old Croatian song is protected as an immaterial cultural asset. These are the songs which have been made and are still being performed in the cities and villages of Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem and in the wider Pannonian area.

The goal of this kind of festival is to preserve customs, songs and dance of the civil tradition, which always provokes enthusiasm for the richness and luxury of civic costumes and there are participating those who cultivate civic tradition and customs from all over Croatia. It is the first and only event of this kind at the state level.

Visit the heart of Slavonia and beautiful Đakovo and go back to some ancient times!

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