The Festival of Sun and Light
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The Festival of Sun and Light

  • 21.06.2019. - 21.06.2019.
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Make a warm welcome to the summer in the historic town of Nin and enjoy the longest day of the year! Celebrate World Music Day, June 21st, at the Festival of Sun and Light.

Do you know where the world's smallest ( named by Thomas Jackson) cathedral is hidden?

It is the Church of the Holy Cross located in Nin, and some connoisseurs compare it to the world-famous Stonehenge. Right there the festival program starts at 5:30 am before the first rays of sun. This festival is a unique opportunity to express your creativity and experience something completely different. In the Church of the Holy Cross, the symbol of the city of Nin, you will have the chance to experience the game of rays of sun, to observe the sunshine reflecting time. The spring and summer kiss will happen at the time of the solstice (5:54pm), while in the evening you can educate yourself at lectures and enjoy the romantic evening atmosphere with the music and observing the Moon and the stars through the telescope.

Summer greeting is filled with a variety of programs: from creative workshops to photo exhibition and scientific and professional lectures.

Enjoy the longest day of the year and use it in the most creative way.

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