21st Evenings of the Dalmatian Chanson

21st Evenings of the Dalmatian Chanson

One of the most popular Croatian cultural and music festivals is undoubtedly the Dalmatian Chanson in Šibenik.

It is recognizable by the top quality of the organization and the performers who give this festival a special feature.

All performers of the Chanson perform their live performances with the accompaniment of the orchestra or "klapa", and they also have the opportunity to perform independently with piano or guitar accompaniment.

One of the specifics of the Dalmatian Chanson is the festival program consisting of the Evening of Old Songs and Evening of New Songs.

So, apart from the premiere of new songs, it is given the importance to the old songs that have left a mark on the Croatian music scene for the past fifty years.

This is something really appreciated about this festival  because it shows a respect for quality musicians and in this way quality music will never be forgotten

This year's program could be described as a combination of Dalmatian, French and Italian chansons.

The festival will be held on August 17th and 18th in front of the cathedral of St. James.

In addition to numerous top performers such as Đani Stipanicev, Helena Bastić, klapa Šufit and many others, there are also young singing stars like Mia Negovetić.

There will be a lot of famous names, faces and the top vocals. We suggest you to be the part of 21st Evenings of the Dalmatian Chanson and enjoy the fantastic songs that will definitely leave a mark and steal your emotions for a long time.


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