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After the extreme heat here comes the storm

After the extreme heat with record high temperatures that has hit the whole Europe, stormy weather is coming. As it is announced, the strong storm struck the west coast of Istria last night.

Strong wind and big waves fluttered on the coast of Istria and a storm has picked up everything that could be lifted in the air. The sky over the largest Croatian peninsula has sparked as many as 13,000 lightning strikes.

The stormy weather that struck Kvarner and Istria this evening also extended to Central Dalmatia.

During the morning abundant rain has occurred in the wider Zadar area. There will be rain with a strong thunder all over the country in the next few hours. Meteoalarm issued a yellow warning because of thunder storms that could affect almost the whole of Croatia; floods, stormy winds, thunder that could cause greater material damage.

Variable weather with local heavy rain was already affected the south of the country. The temperature will also drop and provide us with a long-awaited refreshment and soothe the thirsty ground for long-awaited rainfall.

Still, the bad weather conditions are short-lived, and tomorrow is expected to be cleansed and returned to " summer time”!

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