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Rab Island Trail

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There is no more diverse island on the Adriatic than Rab! In just a few kilometers, here you will change several vegetative and geological systems in just a few kilometers: from rocky beaches to pine forests, sandy beaches and jungle! The island of Rab is rich in water, not only in the sea. Namely, there are 300 sources of drinking water on the island. Rab the happy island is a friend of the sport, due to the fact that there are more than 100 kilometers of hiking and biking trails.

Paradise Beach hosts a variety of cultural, entertainment and sporting events that year after year make the island of Rab a top destination for tourists from all over the world. So this Saturday, on September 21st, hundreds of runners will arrive on the happy island to take part in the 13th edition of the Continental Rab Island Trail with fantastic scenery. Rab Trail trail runs on both sides of the island.

Rab Trail is one of the longest-running island trail & trekking races that will host over 500 runners from 7 countries. The Continental Rab Trail is the only race whose trail literally ends in the sea. The last 500 m of the trail passes through the shallow water of Paradise Beach in Lopar. Runners who run two longer trails 15.5 km (Active) and 25 km (Challenger) will gather on the waterfront in Rab and take the specified route through the attractive scenery of the island, while those who run 6 km (Light) will start from Paradise Beach in Lopar below the San Marino Hotel Resort. On the largest and most famous sandy beach on the Adriatic, Paradise beach in Lopar is also the finish of the race. This sandy paradise spans nearly 2 kilometers, has been awarded by the Blue Flag for its water quality, environmental protection and safety, and has reached CNN's list of Top 100 World Beaches.

In addition to the race, the event offers a variety of other amenities that will offer guests an unforgettable weekend: a concert after the race, a trip to the Goli Island the day after and overall fun to remember.

Beside the excellent trail, Rab has a total of 157 kilometers of cycling routes and is an ideal destination for a longer cycling season.

Don't miss out this exotic trail, its many accompanying facilities and great accommodation conditions! Spend this weekend at Happy Island Rab, also the island of sport!






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