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The island of Žirje is the most remote and largest inhabited island in the Šibenik archipelago. Žirje is located 22 kilometers southwest of Šibenik, at the junction with the Kornati National Park. There are 8 natural caves and pits and 29 bays on the island. The indented coast is additionally adorned by 17 surrounding islands, reefs and cliffs. The island is rich in harbors and fish, abounds in excellent wines and stands out with its tame pine forests. The island was once covered with a dense oak forest full of acorns, hence its name.

Known as a fishing village and a rich fishing area. It is also known for its natural beauty, clarity and blue sea, for natural, wild, rocky beaches such as those in the bays of Velika and Mala; Stupica and Koromačna, which are also the target of boaters. Due to its distance from the mainland, but also due to the ferry connection with the mainland, Žirje is a desirable place for people who want to spend a peaceful vacation and enjoy the benefits of summer, away from tourist noise and crowds. The island is a true oasis of peace, adorned with typical stone houses.

Žirje is connected to Šibenik by a regular Jadrolinija ferry line, the ship Lošinjanka, several times a day.

Like every Dalmatian island and place, Žirje has its own Fishermen's Festival, and in addition there is a sports and entertainment event Bodul pripetavanja.

If you find yourself in Žirje, don't miss to see the remains of the Byzantine fortress from the 6th century and explore the rich fishing area and try seafood specialties.



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