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Nights of Diocletian - top manifestation of Croatia!
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Nights of Diocletian - top manifestation of Croatia!

  • 30.08.2018. - 02.09.2018.
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The center of Split is still in atmosphere of Diocletian's Days, one of the Top 18 events supported by the Croatian National Tourist Board, and the Nights of Diocletian's is finale of this several months project. Since May, tourists have been able to enjoy the Changes of the Guard, the Living Museum, the Gladiatorial School and other revival events of 1700 years old history of Split. That's exactly what tourists are looking for and they love!

This weekend, at the Peristyle and the Palace’s basements are held the Nights of Diocletian, and we are all invited to join the Roman procession. Dressed in Roman robe of course! In the night of Diocletian's Split is returning at the time when the famous Roman emperor Diocletian stepped in the city. Car Diocletian and his Priska, will rule Split for three days as part of the 'Night of Diocletian' event.

Roman legions are lined on the city streets and squares, Diocletian along with the Roman legends and chariots pass through the waterfront and Peristyle, where Diocletian's coworkers, together with the family, greeted gathered people. The city is home to the sounds of fanfara, drummer and Roman music. By the center of town and on the squares and streets, along with the fun of street entertainers, you can enjoy the rich gastronomic offer from the era of Emperor Diocletian, and in the concert and dance program too. At that time, restaurants offered antique dishes and citizens from the closet wore tunics and rugs for the parade of the palace and the ceremonial dinner in the Palace’s basements.

Visit Split in the Night of Diocletian - be a part of the Imperial story!

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