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The Cravat Regiment in Zadar

The Cravat Regiment in Zadar

It is interesting that, as part of their traditional uniform, the Croats, in their own way, tied a colorful scarf around their necks. This beautiful "Croatian style" conquered the picky Parisians of Louis XIV and they adopted a new fashion item, worn “à la Croate” (in the Croatian way). The term soon became the root of the new French word "cravate".

If you are in Zadar, today you will be able to briefly enjoy some historical times.

The Cravat Regiments, consisting of 17 infantrymen and 4 horsemen, will today, at 6.30 pm in Zadar, present its famous Guard shift, dressed in replica uniforms of Croatian soldiers from the Thirty Years War in the 17th century. With its program, it updates the historical beginnings of the tie, a unique Croatian contribution to the world cultural heritage.

At 6.30pm they will cross the bridge and enter the old city center

At 6.40 pm, in the courtyard of Cedulin Palace, in front of the Zadar Tourist Board and the CROATA fashion showroom, they will make an attractive ceremony of viewing the structure and place two guards outside the front door from where they head towards Narodni trg, where a saber inspection ceremony will take place at 6.55pm.

From Narodni Square, the echelon will move on, from the Cathedral of St. Stošija to Greetings to the Sun as follows: Kalelarga – Perivoj Gospe od zdravlja - Ul. Božidar Petranović - Ul. Ivana Danila - On the Istrian coast to Greetings to the Sun, from Kalelarga will return to the Narodni Square and the Cedulin Palace, where a guard takeover ceremony will be held at 8.15 pm.

Through our webcams you can at least partly enjoy the performance of the Cravat Regiment and at least briefly enjoy the part of history that extols the Croatian origin of the tie.


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