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An imposing yacht in Brela

An imposing yacht in Brela

After Dubrovnik, the imposing yacht Sailing Yacht A of the Russian megataykun Andrej Meljničenko, sailing the Makarska Riviera, also sailed to Brela and caught the eye of many curious people.

This imposing three-masted yacht has attracted a lot of attention from locals and tourists alike and is definitely one of the most photographed motifs on the Adriatic these days.

Sailing Yacht A is worth over $ 400 million. The length of the yacht of 142.81 meters and the width of 24.88 meters makes it one of the largest sailing yachts ever made. It has three masts about 90 meters high. The surface of the sails is 3700 square meters. Its owner is Russian billionaire Andrej Meljničenko, and his wife Sandra Meljničenko (former Serbian model and singer) is originally from Baška Voda, which is why this yacht gladly returns to the Makarska Riviera almost every year. Let us also mention that Sandra Meljničenko and Nina Badrić are good friends and this year Nina was also seen on the mentioned yacht.

Our panoramic webcam also caught a luxury yacht in the waters near Brela.

Enjoy the beautiful view through our webcams in Brela because you never know what interesting things you might come during watching!

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