Dubrovnik Summer Festival
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Dubrovnik Summer Festival

  • 10.07.2020. - 25.08.2020.
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By raising the Libertas flag at the fortress of St. Ivan last night, on July 10, in the City Port of Dubrovnik, the 71st Dubrovnik Summer Festival was officially opened, which will be traditionally held from July 10 to August 25 at 13 scenic and ambient locations of the city of Dubrovnik and present a rich and diverse drama, music , ballet, folklore and film program.

For the first time in the 71-year-long history of Dubrovnik Summer Festival, the opening ceremony was held on a different location from the cult one, in Port, and the Libertas flag was flown instead of in front of St. Blaise's Church, for the second time in history on St. John's.

In long and rich history of the Festival, it is written that the opening ceremony of the Festival was not held only once, 28 years ago when Dubrovnik was exposed to barbaric attacks. Nevertheless, the continuity is preserved, the tradition is unbroken, although in different conditions due to the new circumstances. The Dubrovnik Festival remind us that we are part of the same framework of freedom and creativity, a framework that has long been the very core of the city.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival - one of the oldest and most prestigious European festivals, which has been a member of the European Festival Association since 1956.

The summer is ahead of you and beautiful Dubrovnik stands at your service with its unique traditional programs throughout the summer.

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