Dubrovnik Summer Festival
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Dubrovnik Summer Festival

  • 10.07.2019. - 25.08.2019.
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Dubrovnik Summer Festival - one of the oldest and most prestigious European festivals, which has been a member of the European Festival Association since 1956. Dubrovnik Summer Festival in Croatia are held every year from July 10 to August 25 in the ambience of the baroque-renaissance city of Dubrovnik and numerous international audiences presenting a rich and varied drama, music, ballet, folklore, film and other program. Dubrovnik Summer Festival is a place for the exchange of ideas and new art creations and for almost seven centuries they promote Dubrovnik as a world cultural center. This year  too  it will bring together the best drama, music, ballet, folk, art and film artists from all over the world. Established on the rich and vibrant heritage of the city of Dubrovnik, it become the intersection of Croatian and world spirit and culture.

The 47 festival days, from 10 July to 25 August, will feature over 80 dramatic, musical, ballet, folk and other programs on 20 ambient locations.

Its conceptual framework of the seventies Dubrovnik Summer Games is based on the Myths of the City.

The opening ceremony will be on Wednesday, 10 July in front of the church of St. Blaise.

The program combines the best Croatian artists, top performers of foreign artists, the dissolving mythology of the European cultural heritage, the myths of Dubrovnik and the myths of the festival itself, with the pursuit of the past and the future of the ambience and the fostering of the tradition and modernity. Own production remains the inevitable sketch of the drama program, confirming the national, cultural and historical identity that Dubrovnik Summer Festival built during its long-standing existence.

The summer is ahead of you and beautiful Dubrovnik stands at your service with its unique traditional programs throughout the summer.

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