Starry Summer in Karlovac
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Starry Summer in Karlovac

  • 23.06.2021. - 13.07.2021.
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In Karlovac, as part of the Star Summer program, from June 23 to July 13, it will be possible to see over 150 different programs - from plays, concerts and workshops to sports and adventure events. This year’s events are under the motto Happy Under the Stars.

In the three weeks of the program, everyone will find something for themselves because there will be everything from music, theater, exhibition, sports, film, dance and many other events, and the whole city will become a big stage.

Starry summer begins with the traditional St. John's bonfire, which symbolically welcomes summer on the banks of the Kupa River in the city center. This traditional Karlovac event is over 200 years old. Karlovac living room, a spatial installation on Ban Josip Jelačić Square that, in addition to entertainment programs, offers a good atmosphere and an interesting catering offer, is another interesting feature of Karlovac's Star Summer.

In the city on four rivers, numerous activities are planned on the water and along the water, such as kayaking or sailing on a grain boat. For those who like adrenaline, the ideal choice is the absail runway and the descent from the defensive tower from the Old Town of Dubovac or the diameter over the trench in Karlovac's Promenade.

The novelty of Star Summer is the Karlovac Open Air Tribute Festival, where excellent tribute bands will perform from July 7 to 9: The Croatia Pink Floyd Show, Queen Tribute Band and Strange Kind of Women - tribute to Deep Purple. And for those who prefer plays and classical music from June 26 until July 8, an excellent program is offered by KaKAFE - Karlovac Theater Festival.

The highlight of the celebration is the Birthday Ball, the great birthday party Karlovac on July 13 when Karlovac celebrates its 442nd Birthday. Karlovac is one of the few cities in Croatia that knows the exact date of its creation - July 13, 1579. The birthday will be enhanced by the concert of the Klapa HRM “St. Juraj ”and the orchestra of the Croatian Navy and the Black & White band.

All events are in various outdoor city locations, parks, squares, streets, ditches and river banks, and are completely free for all visitors.

Visit Karlovac, celebrate the beginning of summer and enjoy the city on 4 rivers under the starry sky at the Starry Summer.

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