Starry Summer in Karlovac
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Starry Summer in Karlovac

  • 23.06.2019. - 13.07.2019.
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Beautiful Karlovac, a town on 4 rivers, this year celebrates - almost half a thousand years of existence - 440th birthday. Karlovac is one of the few towns in Croatia that knows the exact date of its creation - July 13, 1579.

The new concept of celebrating the 440th birthday of the city of Karlovac called Starry Summer and is taking place from 23rd June to 13th July. The birthday celebration of the city has been improved to become more attractive to the citizens, as well as to all the visitors coming to Karlovac right at that period.

This year's slogan manifestation is 440 hours for 440 years. The 6 branches at Zvijezda represents 6 thematic groups - concerts, exhibitions, festivals, events, sports and encounters, to mark the 440 years of Karlovac. Over 200 programs that will bring Karlovac streets to a happy birthday atmosphere are waiting for you. Under the Karlovac starry sky from June 23rd until July 13th, you will enjoy great theatrical performances, virtuosos of flutes, guitars, hits of Gibonni, Rollercoaster, Forbidden Smoking, Edina Karamazova, chanson, africanamerican or electronic music.

There is also fun on the banks of the Kupa river, watching the bonfire and for the first time the Balloons Festival. With the view from the balloon at the starry sky you will create an eternal memory and experience of the ideal renaissance core - the Karlovac Zvijezda. . There is also the famous Foginovo swimming resort, one of the registered river swimms in Croatia, the winner of the Green Flower and the Tourist Flower, in the very center of Karlovac on the Korana river, where you can refresh yourself after all the activities and events.

Enjoy tastes of the world at the International Folklore Festival: Mexico, South Korea, Ukraine, Ivory Coast, Guama, China, which will, besides singing and dancing, presented themselves with their own kitchen and movies.

The opening of the Turanj-Karlovac War Museum is also followed.

On July 13th, when Karlovac celebrates 440 years, dance the traditional birthday ball to honor of the city.

Visit this beautiful city and magnify its birthday celebration and have fun!

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