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  • Longitude 16.9336
  • Latitude 43.3667
  • Publicaton date 17. September 2013.


17o C 77% 1015 hPa

This is port in Brela, Split-Dalmatia County. You have a live streaming to watch a port in Brela, which is filled during whole year with various categories of boats and yachts. Availability of berths varies from seasonal trending, but you can almost always see some interesting craft at the port. If you are lucky, and you watch at the right time, in front of you, there will be at least one or two larger yachts that every man would like to have during the holidays. If nothing, enjoy the scene that we provide with our web cameras. Brela is close to Makarska, which is certainly a major wind in the back of this small village, when we talk about number of nights during the tourist season.


Brela is the first in a series of places that make Makarska Riviera. It is a small, tourist resort offering the richness of crystal blue sea, the smell of pine forests, hiking trails and promenades, numerous pebble beaches and old Dalmatian architecture.

It consists of two settlements - Brela Gornja (Upper) and settlement Brela. An interesting fact is that Brela Gornja is almost entirely located in Nature Park Biokovo. The settlement Brela consists of only a few small places. Since ancient times, Brela has played an important role in tourism, because of its natural and cultural riches and beauty, and because of the hospitality of local people. In Brela you can find absolutely everything - from the comfortable accommodation to traditional Dalmatian cuisine, quality wine and entertainment.

The gastronomic offer is the richest in the famous taverns of Brela Gornja. There are 6 km long wonderful beaches. Three of them own the Blue Flag. That is Punta Rata, which has the title as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and also amazing beaches - Berulia and Stomarica.

The protected sign of this place is The Stone Brela. In night this stone is illuminated by underwater reflectors that create a truly magical sight.

Apart from natural resources, Brela has a rich cultural and historical heritage - the local church of Our Lady of Carmel, the church of St. Stjepan and Fortress of Herceg. The history of Brela actually dates back to the 950's when in the ancient times was called Beroyllia. 

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