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Otočac is the center of Gacka and the seat of the City, also one of the oldest Croatian settlements. It is mentioned for the first time by a famous Baška plateau adn got the name by the natural river island in the middle of  Gacka River, where it was fortified by walls and towers for defense.

Through Gacka valley where Otočac is situated, the river Gacka, one of the most beautiful and most beautiful rivers in Croatiaa and is one of the 3 most famous waters in the world that emerge unexpectedly behind the Velebit mountains. The fish trout, which is the world's most famous in river Gacka, is growing about five times faster than in other rivers in the karst region. That is why capital specimens of trout grow up to 5kg and fishing is very popular. So you must visit the Croatian Center for Indigenous karst fish and crabs.

Otočac is at great position because it is close to the natural sights and can be reached quickly to the beach. So during the day you can enjoy the sea and the sun, and in the evening relax in the city at a pleasant temperature. The National Parks of Plitvice and the North Velebit are nearby. If you want an active holiday, you can ride a bike through bicycle trails, walk or hike.

The surrounding area of ​​Otočac has many interesting places. Nearby is a haven for young bear (Kutarevo) and village of Švica with lakes and waterfalls.
If you like adrenaline or aviation, visit the sports aerodrome 3km southeast of Otočac and visit the remains of Fortica fort on the hill above Otočac.

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