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Hollywood at our locations: 5 movie hits made in Croatia

Hollywood at our locations: 5 movie hits made in Croatia

There is almost no one who doesn't know that one of the most famous series ever, Game of Thrones, was filmed in our beautiful Dubrovnik. However, if we asked you if you know any other world-famous movie made in Croatian locations, would you know the answer? Don't worry, we have decided to point out 5 great movie hits that have found their places of action right in Croatia, and you will be surprised when you read what the titles are about!

"Caught in flight" - Opatija

One of the most beloved biographical films ever, it is undoubtedly the one about one and only Princess Diana. Opatija was recognized by film directors as the perfect location for filming, which is why the film "Caught in Flight" was filmed here.

The film itself focuses on Diana's last two years, with actress Naomi Watts starring.

However, this is not the first time that Opatija has proudly shown itself on film. Movies like "Move on", the comedy "No, thank you" and the German drama "On the Road with Elsa" were also filmed in this beautiful Adriatic pearl.


"Mamma mia" - Vis

On the first mention of the word "musical", for many, the first association is one of the most popular music films of all time. It is a movie called "Mamma mia" that once filled movie theaters and delighted viewers around the world.

This popular musical was filmed on our island of Vis. Impressed by its natural beauty and tranquility, the film directors decided to turn it into the Greek resort of Kalokairi (the main place in the movie). Big names such as Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep have made one of their greatest film successes on beautiful Vis.

Despite its popularity thanks to the movie, Vis has remained the perfect holiday destination for anyone who wants to escape from the crowds and enjoy all the charms of its natural beauty and clean sea.


“The White Crow“ - Rijeka

Thanks to the rich history, beauties and mystery it hides, many film directors choose Rijeka as the ideal backdrop for documentaries and series.

In a host of fantastic titles, we decided to single out a biographical movie about the popular ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev filmed in this beautiful coastal town. "The White Crow" is a movie that has simply won the hearts of viewers, and the action is based on key periods in Nureyev's career and life in general.


Hitman's Bodyguard - Rovinj

The specific architecture and enchanting Istrian landscape often remind of towns in Italy, which is why the Istrian areas are particularly interesting to many world's film directors.

One of those areas is beautiful Rovinj, which in 2018 became the premiere spot for the movie hit "Hitman's Bodyguard" starring some of the most famous actors such as the wonderful Salma Hayek, Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds.

"Ibiza" - Split

In search of the ideal party destination in Croatia, the directors of the romantic comedy "Ibiza" opted for the always turbulent Split.

This is not surprising considering that one of the largest electronic music festivals in the world is being held here - Ultra Europe.

The film is about three girls experiencing various youthful adventures and Split more than perfectly fits in the movie like this.

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