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The construction of the Pelješac bridge does not stop

The construction of the Pelješac bridge does not stop

Although the corona pandemic still has an impact on the construction of the Pelješac bridge, the deadlines could be broken for the same reason, ie the entire project could be extended for several months, so the final opening of the bridge could be in early 2022, and the entire project should be released by 2023, the project of construction the Pelješac bridge does not stop.

Pelješac Bridge construction have been partially slowed down due to the impossibility of transporting the steel structure and the lack of manpower due to the global pandemic. At the end of the month, however, reinforcements from China will arrive. 150 workers of various professions are arriving in Croatia, most of which are welders who are key to the next phase of work. One shipment of steel structure elements, which was supposed to arrive at the end of July, arrives in September.

About 30% of the financial plan has been realized so far. However, the Pelješac bridge is increasingly taking on the contours of its final appearance. Pillars or pylons have emerged from the sea and some have already reached the level for the installation of a span steel structure. 7 out of a total of 12 pillars and two abutments on the Neretva and Pelješac sides were built.

Currently, work is being done day and night on access roads. More than 6 km of tunnels for access roads to the Pelješac bridge are being breached. Debeli Brijeg tunnel is breaking through on the Pelješac peninsula, which will be the fifth tunnel in Croatia in terms of its length of almost 2.5 kilometers and is one of the three most demanding parts of the road connection project with southern Dalmatia. On the access roads of only 30 kilometers, there will be about 10 kilometers of road structures made of viaducts, bridges over watercourses, bridges, the sea, very long tunnels, short tunnels and various types of viaduct structures.

The most demanding section, apart from the access roads to the Pelješac bridge, is the construction of the Ston bypass. It is a Ston bridge that will begin and end with a tunnel. These two tunnels (Polakovica tunnel at the entrance and Supava tunnel at the exit) will be connected to the 0.5-kilometer bridge over the Ston channel. Due to the difficult access to the Ston channel and the protection of cultural heritage, the construction will come by the sea.

You can check at any time how the construction of the Pelješac bridge is progressing via our webcam. And we will inform you in a timely manner about all important phases of construction.



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