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Hajduk’s birthday

Hajduk’s birthday

111 years ago, history began to be written, HNK Hajduk was founded. Hajduk Split is one of the most important sports teams in Croatia. In football itself, its importance is immeasurable, and along with Dinamo, it certainly has the largest army of fans. Hajduk is one of the few clubs that has a fan group, Torcida, which has so much influence and has invested so much energy in the club's success.

The importance of Hajduk in the south, but also throughout Croatia, is fascinating. Apart from the glorious history and fantastic results that the club has had and still has, the value of Hajduk is that it authentically represents a geographical area and the mentality of the people who live in that area. has a century-old tradition, was founded in 1911, has gone through various historical times and opportunities, won various football titles, and played in it many famous players from this area.

Belonging to Hajduk as a member every year since its founding, for 111 years, has been woven into its identity. This year, members are showing their love for membership like never before, and in just over 40 days Hajduk has 40,000 active members with paid membership fees for 2022. Since Hajduk is celebrating its 111th birthday this year, the same number of members will receive some of the awards.

On Sunday, February 13 at 3 pm in Poljud, Split, Hajduk will play the birthday match of the 23rd round of the HT First League against Slaven Belupo. All tickets are sold out and it is expected that Poljud will burn on Hajduk's 111th birthday.

Hajduk's birthday will be celebrated with a traditional torchlight procession and fireworks organized by Torcida. Spectacular Torcida torches that start exactly at midnight are often broadcast by Yahoo Sports, CNN, L'Equipe. As soon as the clock strikes midnight and marks Hajduk's birthday, the sky glows and a real party in the town under Marjan can begin. Last year, Torcida fired over 3,000 rockets into the air in honor of the beloved Hajduk, lit hundreds of smoke torches, and dozens of fireworks were set off throughout the city.

The 111th birthday of the HNK Hajduk Split will also be celebrated on the Pag Bridge on Sunday with a big torchlight procession. The beginning of the torchlight procession is at 19:11, and the chosen time has symbolism, because Hajduk was founded in 1911.

You can watch the celebratory atmosphere from the streets of Split live stream via our webcams.

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