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Finishing high school in Croatian cities

Finishing high school in Croatian cities

Norijada - traditional gathering of graduates in Croatia on completion of high schooling. Usually, it is marked by the parade of graduates through the city, concerts are organized. Norijada represents the completion of high school and precedes the maturity test.

All graduates are celebrating this special day. A new generation of graduates emerges from high school benches. A bit of tears, a bit of laugh,  dance and the songs, and the tears again – this is how it look like in each city at Norijada every year. Thousands of graduates are saying goodbye to this part of education and celebrate the end of a one schooling period.

On this occasion, traditionally graduates throughout Croatia are having fun in various ways,but the biggest party will be in Zagreb where at 10 am will traditionally start gathering of graduates at Ban Jelačić square, at 11am will start the music program and after that the big parade followed by music, traffic police and health team moves to Bundek. Drinking at the end of high school with the passing eggs and flour has become custom in Croatia sometime in the nineties, as well as the ritual swimming in Manduševac.

In Samobor, the celebration begins with the parade through the city, which will be led by a party truck coming to the King Tomislav Square, where graduates greet all present including representatives of city authorities. After the square, it moves towards the park in front of the Bunker Youth Center where a variety of music programs await them to satisfy everyone's musical tastes.

In Varaždin is traditionally held "Maturantika" and dancing quadrilla. This court dance will be exactly at noon on King Tomislav Square.

And in other Croatian cities, graduates celebrate their day, every city in their own way.

Here you can watch live streaming and maybe remember how it was at your time!


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