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Croatian inventions

Croatian inventions

We all praise Croatia and recognize its natural beauties and benefits, which is indisputable, but only a few are aware of the fact that Croatia is worthy of many inventions. We would proudly say that our clever Croats are just invent the things without which we could not live today. The world we know today without them would certainly be different.

The list of Croatian inventors and their inventions is unbelievable. Of course, Nikola Tesla - a man before his time - the Croatian scientist and inventor deserved the highest status. But as I do not understand the alternating current and so on, this time we will introduce some less-known inventors, but certainly not less important.

Croatia is the homeland of a tie, such as France's homeland of high fashion, Brazil's coffee, Swiss cheese and watches, Portugal's wine. The traditional costume of the Croatians attracted attention due to the picturesque knobs tied around the neck in a very distinctive way. This elegant "Croatian style" was immediately won by the French, who were impressed with the new garment that was completely unknown in the former Europe.

The Croatian Parliament, on October 17, 2008, made a tie of special honor by declaring the Tie Day marked on October 18th. Since then, Tie day is officially celebrating in Croatia. Then, in Pula, the author Marijan Bušić, made Tie around Roman amphitheater Arena which was also shoot by some of the world's television stations, and so more than a billion people saw it.

Vegeta is a universal addition to salted dishes produced by Podravka and was invented by Zlatna Bartl, who was at that time the head of the team at the Podravka research lab. It contains a unique combination of several types of spices and seven types of dried vegetables and is one of the most famous original Croatian products and is in use in more than 40 countries around the world.

Eduard Slavoljub Penkala was the first in the world to construct and draw a mechanical pencil called "Penkala". He patented it in 1906 and it is patented in 14 countries of the world. Penkala is significant in that, it has begun the period of modern writing equipment in the world and the name "Penkala" has become the name used throughout the world. 1911. god. Penkala raises a stationery factory in Zagreb. The author is about 80 patents. His original inventions are: mechanical toothbrush, mechanical pencil pen, spiral piston pen, pen holder, records, anode battery, flywheel design, aerodynamic profile, motor airplane, pocket battery lamp, tapping device, Insect remover, Anti-rheumatic remedy, Laundry Detergent ...

M-parking (SMS parking) - a unique billing system, which were first developed by Croatian experts and it is the result of the only domestic minds. The service was completely invented by Vipnet experts in 2001, a few months after GPRS was introduced in the world, the basis for this service. The mobile payment model was later downloaded by numerous operators in the world.

The great Leonardo da Vinci just painted it, but the Croatian inventor Faust Vrančić made and jumped with it. Of course it is a parachute without which air traffic would be much more dangerous. Vrančić made a parachute that used a canvas garnish on the rectangular frame and successfully demonstrated by jumping from the tower in Venice.

Croatian programmer and student of Zagreb FER, Tomislav Uzelac made AMP MP3 Playback Engine, which is considered the first MP3 player.

Franjo Kajfež was a doctor of chemical sciences, author of 88 patents and 150 scientific papers, the creator of the tablet Valium, known to us of Apaurin.

A group of researchers from Pliva (Slobodan Đokić, Gorjana Radoboja-Lazarevski, Zrinka Tamburašev and Gabrijela Kobrehel) created a new antibiotic that was distinctly different from the other antibiotics so far used, the azithromycin chemical compound formula which proved to be extremely effective in the therapeutic treatment of bacterial infections - Sumamed. Today it is one of the most commonly used antibiotics in the world.

There are many great people like Ruđer Bošković, Nobel Laureates Lavoslav Ružička and Vladimir Prelog, Ivan Lupiss, Ivan Vučetić, Ivan Krunic, Ante Maglica, Franjo Hanamani and many others who have left an indelible mark on Croatia and the world's research map.



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