Advent in Croatia: Top 6 Magical Locations to Visit This Winter

Advent in Croatia: Top 6 Magical Locations to Visit This Winter

Colorful light decorations, the appalling smell of mulled wine and fritters, booths and wooden houses filled with holiday souvenirs give clear signals that Christmas is coming.

The most beautiful time of the year Croats celebrate in the most beautiful way possible. Below you will find a list of Croatian locations that are definitely worth visiting this winter.

Advent in Zagreb

Since it has been proclaimed for the most beautiful Advent in Europe for three consecutive years, Advent in Zagreb has deserved to start our list with it.

In the beautiful Zrinjevac park, you can enjoy food, drinks, original souvenirs and a rich music program. A further walk will take you to Strossmayer Square where the children will have the opportunity to participate in various workshops. And something that will cheer up all generations is the spectacular Ice Park where is the largest ice-skating rink in Europe. If you want to watch a good movie and spend an evening in the company of young creatives, there is European Square with a varied offer. Another of the many attractions where is definitely worth to walk with loved ones is Marić's passage illuminated by white lights that give a special atmosphere to the walks. There is also Advent in Maksimir and in many other Zagreb locations, and this year we expect even bigger, even better and more spectacular Advent with a richer program.

But we won't tell you everything, so it's up to you to discover every Christmas corner of our capital city and see why Advent in Zagreb has taken the title of the most beautiful in Europe.

Advent in Osijek

The Osijek has a special celebration of the Advent - fish paprikash, wine and watching the Christmas Santa Claus parade on the motorcycle. In the old historical nucleus, there are Christmas trees, wooden houses and carousels. Various workshops, concerts and exhibitions have been organized at the Museum of Slavonia. And if you feel you are an expert in the decorating, be part of the International Christmas Tree Festival, where is organized competition for the best decorated Christmas tree.

Advent in Varaždin

This beautiful baroque town is not hard to imagine during the holiday season. Its appearance with Advent decoration is simply natural. The Christmas atmosphere in Varaždin is more than beautiful. Glittering decoration, the sound of Christmas songs and an amazing ice-skating rink make Varaždin the perfect Advent destination. In December, Varaždin has one more reason for the celebration. On the feast of St. Nicholas, it is celebrated Day of Varaždin with various manifestations and rich program. Only a week later, a truck of the most popular Christmas Santa Claus arrives in the city.

Dubrovnik Winter Festival

Though it is widely believed that the towns on the coast are more peaceful in the Christmas time than continental Croatia, Dubrovnik contrasts to this fact. The Dubrovnik Winter Festival takes place from the week before Advent to the beginning of March. The old town is full of Christmas songs, holiday decorations, delicious food, souvenir houses and concerts of popular musicians. In the same time, Gruž organizes a children's winter festival "Orlandino" with an ice-skating rink and a fun park for kids.

Advent in Zadar

Zadar's Christmas time is marked in five different locations - the National Square, the Forum, Kalelarga, Varoš and Petar Zoranić Square, which are places of gathering, dancing, singing Christmas songs and drinking mulled wine. Zadar has also ensured ice-skating rink for all those who like to skate. But one of the most interesting attractions of Zadar's pre-Christmas atmosphere is the Santa's humanitarian race, where participate hundreds of Grannies and Santas Claus.

Adventura - Advent in Šibenik

Advent in Šibenik is the only free plastic Advent in Croatia. Absolutely everything you buy in small wooden houses is biodegradable, and that's why Šibenik owns the title of the first eco-conscious Christmas destination in Croatia. Adventura is held on three floors in the city Park of Roberto Visiani. There is also a stage for concerts, souvenir houses, gastronomic offer and mulled wine. The youngest have their own special place at the Adventura - a small Fortress where Santa Claus Workshops are being held and popular cartoons are displayed. Beside the fair, there is an ice-skating rink. The sweetest part of Šibenik's Advent is Freetulada - a competition in fritters preparation.

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