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The Festival of Cravat Days in Zagreb

The Festival of Cravat Days in Zagreb

The necktie/cravat is a decorative garment that is worn around the neck beneath a shirt collar made of silk or other material. As the original Croatian product, it spread to Europe in the 17th century through Croatian soldiers in the thirty-year war, where it became a recognizable fashion detail. The first was accepted by the French, and in their language comes with the name “cravate” and later in other European languages with similar names.

If you are visiting Zagreb's main square these days, you are wondering why the Jelačić monument is decorated with a tie. Putting a tie on the Jelačić monument marked the opening of Festival of Cravat Days, which lasts until October 20th. The program envisions tie-up of cravats and scarfs to about at fifty of Zagreb's monuments, then the Great Shift of Guard at St. Marko square which attracted many citizens and tourists. The ceremonial Great Shift of Guard will be held exactly at noon on the World Cravat Day, October 18th. Followed by Cravat Exhibition - the symbol of the EU Presidency that will be opened on October 17 in the Croatian Parliament and the light projections by cravat theme on the fountains in the Hrvatske bratske zajednice street. The program celebrates the cravat as a moving Croatian, but also European and world heritage and the goal is to spread the awareness that Croatia is the "home of the cravat" and the Zagreb "capital of the cravat".

The Festival of Cravat Days is the first festival in Croatia dedicated to the cravat and as a Zagreb festival tourist attraction, it should become, after this premier edition, a traditional.

The closing ceremony of the Festival will mark the Cravat Party at Opatovina, at the Tolkiens' House and Velik Tolk pubs, along with a dress-code, scarf or tie.

At The Festival of Cravat Days will also join Zagreb’s 'Nažigači' (the person whoes duty is to visit and lighten up the city's street lighting lamps every night), who will wear ties along with their uniform during the Festival and will also do the employees of City Cleanliness in the narrow center of town with the message " White Zagreb city".

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