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Apple days in Đakovo

Apple days in Đakovo

Đakovo the heart of Slavonia celebrates the day dedicated to the queen of fruit - apple!

On 19th October Đakovo hosted the exhibition "Apple days", which has a county, regional and international character. This is the autumn event in Đakovo with a large number of visitors, satisfied exhibitors, educators, contestants and salespeople.

More than 100 booths will present numerous contemporary and old varieties of apple, apple brandies, juices, jam, cakes ... and crafts inspired by tradition - potters, hatcheries, honey makers, strawers, wicker makers, weawers ... confirming the valuable hand of the fruit growers and craftsmen . The aim of the exhibition is through a combination of profession and knowledge to contribute to the development of fruit growing and the production of quality and healthy food. During the exhibition for fruit growers, professional lectures and competitions were prepared in the category of the most beautifully designed exhibition space. This event celebrates and nurtures valuable hands of the fruit growers and craftsmen.

Visit the heart of Slavonia and experience all its flavors and scents!

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