Split gets the highest skyscraper in Croatia!

Split gets the highest skyscraper in Croatia!

This tower will surely change the image of Split forever

The Westgate Complex, located at the very center of Split, just over a year ago built a smaller, 13- floors building. Immediately after that, the construction of a bigger skyscraper was started, which should have 17 floors by first plan but today there are 10 additional floors built. Westgate Tower" should ultimately be 110 meters high, 27 floors, which will be officially the highest building in Croatia. It will have 6 underground floors, ground floor and 27 floors, total area of 35,000 square meters. The project has a mixed use, the hotel part of the facility will have 189 rooms, four suites, wellness, fitness, congress center, restaurants and bars. In the second part of the facility there will be the Head of several technology companies. A tower that will surpass the bell tower of the Zagreb’s cathedral built in 1899, grows every day more and more.

Our webcam allows you to observe how the building progresses and how fast the highest tower in Croatia is descending and what a spectacular view of the city already stretches from the top of the building, the viewpoint of Split.

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