Grand opening of Šibenik Poljana - the central town square

Grand opening of Šibenik Poljana - the central town square

This is one of the largest Šibenik projects in the modern history of Šibenik - the arrangement and reconstruction of the main town square Poljana.

Poljana as the central city square of Šibenik got a new look and returned to the citizens of Šibenik as a representative city promenade, at the same time following the development of the city by expanding parking capacities for citizens and visitors. There are 256 parking spaces in the three-storey underground garage, while the upper plateau of the square itself is complemented by various facilities and gathering places with a presentation of the archaeological heritage.

Poljana is so atypical square, every detail on it has its own story. Famous water clock, display the power of water and light in honor of Ante Šupuk, Robert Visiani park, Juraj Šižgorić City Library, Mazzoleni, opera diva, HNK, Vitić's monument, one of the most successful interpolations in the old town.

The grand opening of Poljana was marked by Šibenik's cultural brands, which also filled the square with colorful Šibenik folk costumes, hats, music and dancing and fireworks.

Reconstruction of Poljana and construction of a logistics center are part of the project "Integrated mobility in the city of Šibenik". The total value of the project is HRK 99.3 million, of which the European Union co-finances HRK 73.8 million from the Competitiveness and Cohesion Operational Program.

Through our webcam you can watch live the unique Šibenik square and on our YouTube channel you can see what the construction of the square and the garage looked like through last and this year, until the final completion.


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