BSH Sljeme Tower

BSH Sljeme Tower

BSH Sljeme Tower | Zagreb Sunset Sessions

Magnificent sunset over Zagreb at an altitude of 1035 meters at the highest peak of Medvednica Natural Park, Sljeme, with the sounds of a great house and the techno music of Zagreb’s DJs.

With the still pleasant summer temperature and good weather forecast, this open air party at the foot of the Sljeme’s TV tower might remind you of one of this hot and unforgettable summer party.

This is just one of many successful BSH events, so the name of this event, the BSH Sljeme Tower, supports the idea of BSH events related to city symbols continues. Every year, as a greeting to the summer that is waiting for you, in June, it was unavoidable BSH Medvedgrad Fortress, this summer event also traveled to Rijeka, BSH Trsat Caste. There is also BSH MSU Rooftop's best party on the roof in Zagreb, then the BSH Atrium Advent in the atrium of the Archaeological Museum. Basically, BSH is always a different party event than the others.

The BSH Sljeme Tower is just overturned for something bigger that is preparing for next year. The location under the Tower of Sljeme was chosen to continue the idea of organizing events on the locations of cultic Zagreb symbols such as Medvedgrad, among other things, and the Sljeme Tower. The event is called BSH Sljeme Tower because of the fact that at the event tower will serve as the scenes below which you will dance.

Impressive party at an impressive place. All we need is a good weather forecast.

The rest we already have!

You can experience the mingle and crowd via our webcams near the tower!

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