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Beautiful natural surroundings above Zagreb. You are watching live streaming from Sljeme, Medvednica. Medvednica is a popular excursion destination of Zagreb inhabitants and other nature lovers. Apart from the ski slope, Medvednica offers many other facilities, in the context of natural beauties. Sljeme is the highest peak of this mountain, located at 1033 meters above sea level, and to reach here, you can choose between the asphalt road or some of the hiking trails.

Until 2007, there was a slope lift, which today is unfortunately not in use. If you want to enjoy this greenery, just come to Sljeme. It offers you a truly beautiful natural environment, enjoying the clear air, and soothing view of the greenery that surrounds you. If you prefer snow and winter sports, visit Sljeme in the winter months. Sljeme abounds with winter facilities.

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