The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Lady in Pag and in Murter
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The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Lady in Pag and in Murter

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On September 8th, every year, Catholics celebrate the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Lady when the birthday of Lady Mary is celebrated and believers make pilgrimages to the shrines.

The celebration of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Lady  is held all over Croatia, but we choose the ones in Pag and Murter that you can follow through our webcams.

Parish worshipers of Pag who for centuries worshiped Blessed Virgin Lady of the Old City with the daily prayers in the Pag’s church link the feasts of the Assumption Day and the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Lady , Mary's Assumption and Birth.

In 23 days from the Assumption Day to  Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Lady Pag’s worshipers say 92 set of prayers: 4876 Hail Mary; 552 The Father and the Glory of the Father. This daily common prayer from the Assumption Day to the The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Lady began in a vow of people from Pag. In that period many people in Pag died due to the cholera. They believe it stopped due to the pray of Blessed Virgin Lady so they plight that every year they will, each day from the Assumption Day to the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Lady pray a set of prayers. They've also plight that they will carry the statue of Mother of God from the church in old town to the church in the new town and via versa on feasts.

The statue of Mother of God traditionally carry men dressed in traditional folk costumes, and with the statue of Mother of God are also members of the church choir.

In the magnificent procession from the new to old town of Pag every year, several thousand worshipers participate in it. Since the morning hours there have been Holy Masses in the BDM Assumption Church, and at 5pm begins the procession with the statue of Mother of God to the Old Town where at 6pm Holy Mass also begins, Sol Klapa concert will be organized by the Tourist Board of the City of Pag and the City of Pag at the main square in Pag at 8pm.

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Lady , as a religious holiday, but also as a folk custom, still has great significance today, and the votive procession is a big and important event gathering the whole island.

The Feast in Murter begins with a hundred-year rowing regatta called From mole to mole which starts at 5 pm, a children's regatta. At 5:30 pm the women's regatta begins and at 6:30 pm the men's crew start. The start of the regatta is at the sea, by the Old waterfront from where you can follow the regatta and cheer the rowers.

After the rowing challenge and the announcement of the best crews, at about 6:00 pm the concert of the group Full gas will follow.

The Murter football club has taken care of the gastronomic offer, so that everyone present will have the opportunity to taste delicious roast ox meat, which is baked in the center from 10am. After sport activities, delicious food and drinks, warmed up with Full gas, you can expect a spectacular concert of Prljavo Kazalište. Surely your Murter summer will be remembered for the biggest festivity on the whole island! The organizers are the Tourist Board and the Municipality of Murter-Kornati.

Pag photography by Elvis Šmit

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