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Šibenik 321 FEST
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Šibenik 321 FEST

  • 29.12.2023. - 01.01.2024.
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For years, Šibenik has been profiled as a fantastic New Year's Eve destination.

Last year's reception with the globally popular Roisin Murphy raised the bar very high.

This year, three days and three nights of celebration on two stages with more than ten top performers.

With the performances of Parov Stelar and Stereo MC's for the New Year's weekend on the stage near the Šibenik cathedral, at the second festival location in Robert Visiani's Perivoj, on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, Šibenik residents and guests can expect concerts by BluVinil, Psihomodo Pop and many more exciting performances.
On the stage in front of the cathedral, the musical forces will unite two symbols of Šibenik, the Šibenik Singing Society Kolo and the Šibenik Folk Music, who will hold a joint Jingle Bell Rock concert on Friday, December 29, as a gift to fellow citizens, and on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of their first joint performance. Bluvinil, a rock band from Šibenik that has long since outgrown the borders of its hometown and delights with concerts all over Croatia, will play on the stage in Park Roberta Visiani, where the Sibenik Advent Adventur and the second part of 321 FESTA are held on Friday.
On Saturday, December 30, the main star on the stage in front of the cathedral of St. Jakov is the top DJ Parov Stelar who comes to Šibenik accompanied by great musicians. Before Stelar's performance, the audience will be warmed up by  Siciliano, his official tour DJ and the night will end with DJ Antonio Zuzo.
Šibenik enters the New Year with the well-known dance rhythms of one of the longest-running hip-hop dance electronic groups - Stereo MC's, which consists of Rob Birch and Nick Hallam. You will surely dance to Connected, Step It Up, Deep Down and Dirty or We Belong in This World Together. DJ Felver will take care of the warm up and afterparty on New Year's Eve in front of the cathedral.
And the first day of 2024 will be dedicated to top music! Meritasice and Jelena Radan will play in the Park at noon with the concert When Tomorrow Comes, while 321 FEST will close the performance of Šibenik's hip-hoppers, the group Hram, in style, after the release of lanterns next to the ice rink on the main city square.
Šibenik's 321 FEST top is the choice for seeing off the old year.

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