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Freedom Festival
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Freedom Festival

  • 05.09.2020. - 05.09.2020.
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The Freedom Festival is an event that will take place on Saturday, September 5, 2020 in Zagreb on Ban Jelačić Square, starting at 5:00 p.m. The Festival was created in response to current events in the past few months, since the proclamation of the COVID-19 disease pandemic, during which we witnessed the imposition of precedent measures that restricted citizens' fundamental rights and freedoms.

The aim of the Festival is to advocate for the preservation of the achievements of a democratic society in which decision-making based on panic and propaganda or rewriting instead of re-examination cannot be tolerated. The Festival aims to insist on the preservation of human rights, freedoms, knowledge, solidarity and mutual respect. We want to emphasize that our health is a phenomenon on the mental, physical and mental, and not just on corona state.

The Festival is conceived as an event where several speakers will speak about various aspects of corona crisis, while the musical host is the famous Croatian musician Tony Cetinski, who will perform in the role of a DJ. Among the speakers, the participation was confirmed by Anita Šupe and Suzana Peša Vučković on behalf of the Initiative "Rights and Freedoms", prof. Ivan Pokupec, activist for human rights and freedoms, and Velimir Ponoš, columnist of the Logično portal. Surprise guests are also being prepared - both speakers and music artists.

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