Where to take a trip?

Where to take a trip?

Trip with family and friends in nature can be an unforgettable experience that doesn't cost much, but it will make the day richer and fulfilled in the best possible way. Our country is full of wonderful excursion spots and picnic locations, and we have decided to help you pick out a few ideas and destinations for amazing afternoon.

Grešna gorica

Close to the Tabor Castle is located this lovely place. The beautiful and preserved nature and hills that in the spring become completely green create the perfect ambiance for family gathering. Discover all the charm of the castle, watch the animals and have fun with the kids on the playground. And if you ate all the sandwiches you bring, don't worry, there is a restaurant with delicacies from Hrvatsko Zagorje that will win you on the "first bite".

Divlje vode

Among the picturesque Žumberak hills there is one small place – Divlje vode.

This picturesque park boasts a wealth of greenery, promenades, a restaurant and a large children's playground. All the lovers of fishing can have fun by hunting trout or catfish, and the youngest will especially like the zoo where they will have the chance to see horses, peacocks, roe deer, and even llama. Later, you can continue your adventure in the nearby Žumberak Nature Park.

National Park Krka

Impressive flora and fauna, fresh air and beautiful scenery of the Krka National Park will give you a memorable trip. The colors, the atmosphere and the whole scenery of the park is something you will not have the chance to experience every day.

In addition to enjoying beautiful waterfalls and nature, walking along the landscaped paths will also provide you introduction with the traditional products and activities of this area.

Spacious green areas for picnics, benches and a rich offer of content will make perfect day for both adults and kids.

Eco Park Kraš

As one of the ideal destination for trip is undoubtedly Eco Park Kraš. This park is truly eco-friendly. Every object here is built of natural materials, and agriculture is based solely on ecological production.

The park is surrounded by a forest where you will be able to see wildlife such as deer, rabbits, pheasants and wild boars. You can also enjoy in various sports activities on a large tennis court, soccer field and bowling alley. During the warmer months refresh yourself in the outdoor pool.

Also, do not miss tasting homemade recipes at the Domaćica restaurant.

Dinopark, Funtana

A place that will delight your little ones, and probably you, too is - Funtana. It is a small village in the very heart of Istria, not far from Poreč.

On the old quarry "live" movable dinosaurs in natural size, and the prehistoric atmosphere and the nature of DInopark create the impression that you have really gone in past.

The lush and sumptuous forest surrounds the park, and over 1.5 kilometers of wooded trails are ideal for a pleasant walking and sightseeing. This first Croatian theme show park offers a wealth of entertainment opportunities for the whole family such as lunapark, trampoline, carousel, playgrounds and many others.

Ključić Brdo

On the slopes of Vukomeričke gorice there is a picturesque excursion site - Ključić brdo.

This complex offers various types of recreation for children as well as for adults.There are numerous orchards, vineyards, pastures, forests, hills and animals like horses, deer, wild boars and pheasants. Enjoy traditional homemade meals in untouched nature and a beautiful green landscape.

Plitvice Lakes

And as a sugar at the end, we decided to single out one of favorite excursion sites in Croatia - Plitvice Lakes. Variety of nature, numerous gazebos and perfect harmony of colors in all seasons will provide you unforfettable trip.

During the walk you will have the opportunity to enjoy the impressive waterfalls and lakes, and you will also find the habitats of various animals, which will especially delight the youngest ones.

There are also mountains around the park, which you can "win" by walking or riding bicycles and many other interesting historical sites that will provide you a great adventure.

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