Driving on the most beautiful historical roads in Croatia

Driving on the most beautiful historical roads in Croatia

During the summer months and the big crowds, most people prefer a motorway ride. Though the trip to the motorway will save you time, such driving is mostly boring and monotonous. If you want to discover some of the hidden places of Croatia that will treat you to unforgettable panoramic views or even suddenly lead you to some unusual sights and unique settlements, choose a ride on historic roads or "old roads" as we often call them.

Prepare for a rich journey, beautiful views, tasty meals in restaurants along the road, and a multitude of unpopular resting points.


Adriatic highway

Our list of the most beautiful Croatian historical roads definitely has to start with the Adriatic Highway, for which many drivers will agree that it is one of the most beautiful roads in the world!

If you are the type of person who prefers to stop several times during the drive, rest, take a drink and eat something then you are on the right road.

Throughout the way, you will be impressed by the impressive view of our beautiful Adriatic Sea, and this road can take you to numerous Croatian national and nature parks.

A pleasant ride to the Adriatic highway from Trsat to Ulcinj will enable you to meet Croatia in 1001 way, and it is up to you to decide which part to pay special attention to.


Caroline Road

If you want to experience the unique mountain region of Gorski Kotar and the Velebit mountain range from another perspective, we recommend driving you by Caroline road. It is a road built in the 18th century, whose main role at that time was the connection between Karlovac and the harbor in Bakar.

Today, the Caroline road is stunning, curvy and low traffic, which is the dream of all adventurers and lovers of untouched nature.


Lujzijana Road

Since the Caroline road was too complicated for cargo transportation, the Lujzijana Road was built, which was named after the daughter of Austro-Hungarian Emperor Marija Lujza.

Lujzijana road connects Karlovac with Rijeka, and if you choose to travel on this road you will surely be thrilled by the surrounding small villages as well as the fantastic gazeboes for a perfect all-day picnic.


Josephine road

Karlovac is obviously known as the city of beautiful historical roads so another road starts right from here. It is about Josephine road connecting Karlovac with Senj.

The legend says the road was built because the emperor Josip II. during his trip fell from the horse and thus convinced the poor state of the road at the time.

We are sure you will enjoy driving from the beautiful Karlovac, through the luxuriant and greenery of our special Lika.



All lovers of untouched natural beauty must pass through Rudolfina - the road connecting the continental and coastal Croatia.

It is often called "forgotten road" and it will lead you through a beautiful village surrounded by enchanting forests and natural beauties.

We advise you to stop by to breathe fresh air, and you will also be able to see a lot of horses in this area while you are driving, so be sure to take your ride slowly and safely.


Master's road

One of the biggest road challenges due to the inaccessible mountain terrain was the Master's road. But the project has been successfully completed and the Master's Road now carries the title of an architectural miracle.

It is often referred to as the shortest route to Dalmatia, and the experience that will afford you simply must be caught with some good photo! 

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