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We take you on a promenade along the river Kupa

We take you on a promenade along the river Kupa

The beautiful river Kupa flows through the city of Sisak and divides it into two equally beautiful banks and gives it a special stamp and decoration, because its banks are tamely decorated for swimming, and along its course stretches the old town full of fairy tales from the beginning of Sisak to today.

The city of Sisak boasts a promenade and riviera along the Kupa, which few cities on the continent have. The Slavo Striega promenade, which you are currently watching through our webcam, is the main place for socializing and walking, as well as a place for refreshment in one of the many cafes or restaurants overlooking the river. One of them is the newly opened City Garden which provides you this beautiful view to the promenade and the river Kupa. The Kupa River is the most beautiful decoration of the city of Sisak.

Slavo Striegl promenade was built on the site of a port facility in the 18th century, which was used for transshipment of goods coming from the Kupa. The promenade named after the great Sisak artist, after his death, received his monument because it was here that Slavo Striegl spent his time walking along the Kupa every day.

If you walk along the promenade from the building of Mali Kaptol, only 500 meters away, you will find another magnificent part of Sisak, which is adorned by the Old Bridge connecting the old part of town with the part on the right bank called Vojni Sisak. It was built during the Military Border, which was important for the development of trade and river shipping, and for the development of the entire city of Sisak. There used to be a wooden bridge at that place, and it connected Civil and Military Sisak in the 19th century. The masonry bridge was built in 1934 and became a symbol of the city. The old bridge was built of traditional Sisak materials: stone and brick. In 2010, the Old Bridge was closed to buses and trucks.

Along the promenade there are several outdoor exhibits reminiscent of the industrial and transit history of Sisak. One of them is Granik - the first steam crane for unloading cargo, installed in 1903. The ship Biokovo was renovated in the only Croatian river shipyard in Sisak and parked next to Mali Kaptol. The ship Biokovo is a ship of the Sisak river fleet, and today it reminds of the rich history of river navigation in Sisak. Since it was threatened with ruin, the Sisak Port Authority bought it and converted it into a port. The ship Biokovo was the first ship to have the most famous engines capable of navigating rivers and seas, and it sailed for the first time in 1960 and came to Sisak that year. It sailed regularly until the end of the eighties on European rivers.

Today, the coast of Kupa river has become the most important place for walks, festivals, cycling or sports meetings, and on its green surface there are boat races, fishing meetings or competitions in the Kupa Alka and musical festivities deep into the night. During the year, various events are organized on the promenade, such as Autumn in Sisak, Celtic Night, Sisak Weekend of Music and History, Advent on the promenade, film screenings, etc.




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