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St. Martin's Day in Croatian cities
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St. Martin's Day in Croatian cities

  • 11.11.2023. - 11.11.2023.
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This fun-filled centuries-old tradition is an indispensable part of Croatian heritage and it entertains people every year, especially wine lovers.

It is a feast of young wine that symbolically closes the autumn period and slowly enters the winter. The most famous St. Martin’s Day is celebrating in the northwestern parts of Croatia and everywhere on the continent of the country is marked in different ways, most often by song, excellent food, young wine and a good atmosphere of autumn celebration. According to the legend, just about this date, the wine symbolically, in the ceremony of "baptism" - turns into young wine. n Croatia, this ritual is carried out according to the provisions of the so-called Križevci Statute, which stipulate that wine should be baptized by the bishop in the presence of the householder and even the godfather. It is an unforgettable tradition always accompanied by good music, even better food and, of course, indispensable wine.

To emphasize this day with its roots in Croatian heritage is evidenced by the fact that the Municipality of Sveti Martin on Mura is the only one in Međimurje County in which such a religious-cultural and traditional event has the status of a cultural property of the Ministry of Culture.

Good wine, good team and indispensable, rich, gastronomic offer is a great combination for celebrating St.Martin's Day throughout Croatia. Especially big celebrations are in Sveti Martin na Muri, Požega, Kutjevo, Velika Gorica, Dugo Selo, Sv. Ivan Zelina, but more and more often in the east of Croatia, in Istria and Dalmatia.

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