St. Martin's Day in Croatian cities
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St. Martin's Day in Croatian cities

  • 06.11.2019. - 12.11.2019.
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This fun-filled centuries-old tradition is an indispensable part of Croatian heritage and it entertains people every year, especially wine lovers.

It is a feast of young wine that symbolically closes the autumn period and slowly enters the winter. The most famous St. Martin’s Day is celebrating in the northwestern parts of Croatia and everywhere on the continent of the country is marked in different ways, most often by song, excellent food, young wine and a good atmosphere of autumn celebration. According to the legend, just about this date, the wine symbolically, in the ceremony of "baptism" - turns into young wine. n Croatia, this ritual is carried out according to the provisions of the so-called Križevci Statute, which stipulate that wine should be baptized by the bishop in the presence of the householder and even the godfather. It is an unforgettable tradition always accompanied by good music, even better food and, of course, indispensable wine.

To emphasize this day with its roots in Croatian heritage is evidenced by the fact that the Municipality of Sveti Martin on Mura is the only one in Međimurje County in which such a religious-cultural and traditional event has the status of a cultural property of the Ministry of Culture.

Good wine, good team and indispensable, rich, gastronomic offer is a great combination for celebrating St.Martin's Day throughout Croatia.

St. Martin’s Day is mostly celebrated in continental Croatia:

In Daruvar, the most famous winemakers of the Daruvar area, celebrate their patron St. Martin at a central ceremony held at the main town square. The stands are transformed into a sumptuous array of wine fairytale and indigenous local products and there is no lack of laughter and fun, as according to folk tradition, with the obligatory presence of St. Martin, a humorous young wine baptism ceremony and cultural and artistic program.

The similar situation is in Požega at the Flavors of Autumn event in Požega – squash event, Chestnut event and St. Martin's Day in Požega at the walking zone of Požega, where hot roasted chestnuts, sweets, honey, premium wine and other products of local producers of handicrafts, souvenirs and delicacies will be offered. There will also be family farms that produce and sell local products.

In Samobor, the 6th St. Martin's Day Samobor will be held on the weekend at the main town square. The program begins with an exhibit of traditional viticulture and wine, followed by a Baptism Ceremony.

Among others are Varaždin, Krapina, Ogulin, Velika Gorica with the program St. Martin in Posavina, and Zagreb with the program St. Martin in Zagreb.

But there are also some coastal cities which celebrates St. Martin’s Day.

These are Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski, where visitors will enjoy tasting a variety of wines in a beautiful seaside atmosphere and a pleasant company of winemakers from the Crikvenica, Novi Vinodolski and Vinodol riviera, who will present themselves at appropriate stands. Of course, there is the entertainment program and other surprises.

Lošinj celebrates the Day of the City of Mali Lošinj, ie Sv. Martin, the patron saint of the City of Mali Lošinj, which is celebrated with numerous sports and entertainment events.

Pula has the opportunity to experience the Slavonian celebration of St. Martin, where visitors will be able to enjoy cheese, bread, honey, wines, cuisine and other Slavonian delicacies.

Rijeka has the manifestation of the 15th Martina pul Marčeji, Rovinj Martini without Takuin with free distribution of young wine and roasted anchovies and Umag a folk festival and blessing of young wine.

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